Spray Lake Sawmills recently had an inquiry about the noise that was being created by our logging and the impact it was having on West Bragg Creek residents.  We apologize for this and have been working on ways to reduce the noise levels, particularly at night.

The block which seemed to be creating the biggest problem was located near a ridge top on an east facing slope towards the community.  This portion of the block has now been completed which should reduce the noise levels in itself.  We will be assessing the noise levels from the rest of the areas still left to log and will be moving the feller buncher to “less noisy” areas for the night shift.  This will generally mean areas with a west facing slope &/or areas that have sufficient forest cover adjacent to the block to help mute the sound.

With the amount of work still left to do this winter we will need to continue with a double shift operation but we are hopeful that this strategy will minimize the sound reaching the community.  We anticipate active harvest operations until about the end of February.