Worksite Safety

SLS is now in its second decade of membership in the Partnerships Program. This is a program designed to enhance and standardize safety programs throughout the province.

Through these industry programs, input from our employees and contact with others in the industry, we have provided our employees and community with a safe operation that manufactures top quality products. These programs are further implemented through the use of a number of SLS policies that direct how individual employees conduct their daily jobs.

Policies, however, can’t substitute for safe work practices, consideration for others and the environment, and respect for the company. It takes a team effort to make the worksite a better place. Everyone is responsible for making that effort by looking out for fellow employees, offering suggestions to improve the worksite and cooperating with Management initiatives.

The health and well-being of our employees is of great importance to SLS. We have implemented an “Open Door Policy” to ensure proper communication of all employee concerns/problems. Feel free to contact your Supervisor with any work related issues.

In order to better our health and safety policies, all employees are encouraged to present their suggestions and concerns to their Supervisor or a Joint Work Site Health & Safety Committee Member (JWSH&SC).

We have taken great strides to make this worksite a safe and rewarding place to work. With your help, we will continue that effort and constantly improve our operation.