Spray Lake Sawmills harvested in a number of different areas this year.  Two of these received special interest from various groups; the area west of Bragg Creek and the licence known as Beaver Mines.  Given the added interest in these two areas I thought I would provide a year end update.

The Beaver Mines licence has had operations completed for this season.  About 12,000 M3 (300 truck loads) of wood is still decked along the roadside within the licence.  It is located on summer accessible ground and will be hauled out after spring break-up.  The reforestation (scarification and planting) activities will be completed this summer and road reclamation is targeted to be completed by October of 2013.

Any further logging in the licence has been put on hold pending the outcome of the South Saskatchewan Regional Landuse Plan.

The area west of Bragg Creek (the Jumping Pound Creek Compartment) has also been completed for this season.  It too, has about 12,000 M3 of wood remaining to be hauled.  Hauling will resume after spring break-up.  In the meantime interim erosion control measures have been installed on the roads in preparation for spring run-off.

This area was a particular challenge due to the integration of the harvesting activities with the recreation trail system.  Reports are that all went well with a number of positive comments received on how well we were able to accommodate the trail users with active logging going on in the same area.  Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding in working with us on this project.