SLS will be hosting a public participation session the week of April 1st, 2013. The theme of the session is “Inviting Participation in Sustainable Forest Management, Conservation and Protected Areas”.

Spray Lakes will be sharing its vision for an ecological goods and services approach to sustainable forest management and would like your participation and feedback. We will also be providing overview presentations of the Spray Lakes Sawmill’s Forest Management Agreement Area, High Conservation Value Forest Assessment, including draft management and monitoring strategies. We would like your participation and feedback regarding these proposed approaches of forest management.

We will also be presenting and discussing a recent  Protected Areas Gap Analysis report. We are wanting your participation and feedback on this report as well and ideas for moving forward with a proposed protected areas network assessment process. Understanding there are quite a few topics to discuss we are planning to have ongoing opportunities for meaningful public participation.

If you wish to view these reports ahead of time, please look at the attached document. It outlines the links/pathways for where they can be found. If you are interested in attending, please provide an email RSVP as soon as possible and we can provide you with further details on time and location.

If you are unable to make the meeting but would still like to provide some input just drop me a line and we can arrange a time to sit down together: Looking forward to hearing from you!

High Conservation Value Forest Assessment

-Go to Spray Lake Sawmills website:

-click on the “woodlands” tab then

-click on “forest certification” then

-High Conservation Value Forest Assessment (HCVF)

Protected Areas Gap Analysis

-Go to Spray Lake Sawmills website:

-click on the “woodlands” tab then

-click on “forest certification”