Occupational Health & Safety

Spray Lake Sawmills’ employees are the most important aspect of our business. In keeping with this principle, management is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment.

All our operations, including Mill-Site, Top Spray Depot sites and Woodlands will be conducted in accordance with Government of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Regulations. We will maintain a proactive health and safety program, maximizing employee participation and utilizing a partnership approach with Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA).

SLS will not jeopardize public or employee safety due to our operations and will work towards continual improvement of safety standards.

Our safety program and performance will be reviewed regularly through an Audit Program.

All health and safety policies and their full compliance are extended to contractors. Health & safety meetings in addition to orientation training are available to contractors.

Visitors will be provided with clear instructions on our health and safety requirements. Where necessary, we shall accompany visitors and provide appropriate personal protective equipment.