There has been some mainstream media and social media reporting that is inaccurate regarding our upcoming harvest in the Highwood area.  A fact sheet has been prepared providing accurate information for our staff and interested parties.  The one item that has generated the most concern is the incorrect reporting about SLS installing a bridge without a DFO permit.  SLS has heard that DFO may be looking into the Highwood Bridge installation so we cannot comment on it specifically.  In general, DFO permits are only required if a project proponent is unable to protect fish and fish habitat while conducting their works.  The proponent then gets a permit from DFO to harm fish and fish habitat. 

SLS has all its Provincial approvals for operations this season.  SLS takes great care in all our bridge installations to ensure there is no impact to fish or fish habitat; in short we implement all measures under the Provincial Operating Ground Rules and best management practices to ensure the protection of fish and fish habitat on all our bridge installations and therefore are not required to obtain a permit from DFO. 

Click here to view our Kananaskis/Upper Highwood fact sheet