Spray Lake Sawmills

Emergency Response Plan

As a safety precaution, if anybody is going to be Spray Lake Sawmills active harvest operations it would be worthwhile reviewing the company's 2013/14 Emergency Response Plan.  It can be found by going to our website at:  www.spraylakesawmills.com , click on the "Woodlands" tab, then scroll down to "Safety" and click on "Emergency Response Plan". 

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June 11, 2013 Workshop – Results

Spray Lake Sawmills Mixed Use Forest Management Workshop (Follow-up) Forest Harvest Plan - West Bragg Creek July 10, 2013   SLS has made the promise that it will carefully consider public comment and follow-up with stakeholders with a response. SLS will also follow-up with stakeholders with any changes made to a plan or operation as

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Forest Management Certification Audit

Public Notice for Forest Management Certification Audit     Spray Lake Sawmills Ltd. in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada Forest Management Area 0100038 and associated B9 Quota Area July 4th, 2013   Introduction Rainforest Alliance is conducting an audit of the forest management activities of Spray Lake Sawmills Ltd. The audit will be conducted from August 6-9th,

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PAC Minutes May 14, 2013

 Spray Lake Sawmills Public Advisory Committee SLS Boardroom May 14th, 2013   Present:TannisZubot, Gord Lehn, SandraFoss, HarveyBuckley, Erik Butters, JasonMogilefsky, MikeKorman, MikeMacDonald, JJGraham (TimGiese – via conference call) Absent: Richard Right Hand, Patrick Brady, Natasha Kinloch, Judy Stewart, and Morgan Kehr. PAC Administration and Function Gord went through the agenda and Tannis passed out an

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