Spray Lake Sawmills

Public Advisory Committee

SLS Boardroom

August 8th, 2013


Present: Tannis Zubot, Gord Lehn, Sandra Foss, Harvey Buckley, Erik Butters, Jason Mogilefsky, Tim Giese, Judy Stewart, Ken Birkett, Krista West, Cindy Pearce, and John Gunn


Absent: Richard Right Hand, Patrick Brady, Natasha Kinloch, Liz Breakey, J. J. Graham, Mike Korman, and Mike MacDonald


PAC Administration and Function

  • Gord thanked everyone for coming.
  • We did a round table introduction with everyone.


FSC Audit – Auditors held a closed door session with PAC members


Summary Results of PAC Questionnaire

  • Gord passed out the summary results and went over them.
  • Some of the suggestions from the questionnaire were: bring in outside speakers, field tours, maybe more landowners on the board.
  • Over all, for the most part we are doing pretty well. We have identified the areas that need to be improved on, and will do our best to do so.
  • Terms of Reference are good until 2014. We will re-evaluate this soon.
  • We have a number of openings on the PAC Committee. Gord asked if we should look at filling the gaps when we re-do the Terms of Reference or do we replace PAC members as soon as possible.
  • Judy suggested that we need to have a representative from the Ghost Watershed Group.
  • Harvey and Sandra also suggested some leads for the City of Calgary.
  • Gord asked all PAC members to give us any names or individuals, sectors or groups that may be interested in joining our PAC Committee.
  • A couple of landowners have approached Gord and have expressed interest in joining.
  • Gord will make some phone calls before waiting to update the Terms of Reference.
  • When we start working on a revised Terms of Reference, would the members like to put a group together to work on this or Gord work on a draft. The consensus was for Gord to come up with a draft and then bring it back to the PAC committee.
  • Gord proposed we put an ad in the paper for recruiting. Gord will look into this in October.


Protected Areas Gap Analysis

  • Gord handed out the information.
  • Jason discussed the report. Jason explained that they went through many of the suggested comments and feedback on the report and incorporated them into the second version.
  • Jason asked everyone to have a look at this and if anyone has any more comments to please let him know.
  • November 14/13 is the next scheduled workshop to fill in the gaps with stakeholders and people who are willing to work with SLS. This workshop will be held during the daytime.
  • Sandra asked if she could go out and have a look at the area being discussed. Jason said he could take her on a field trip.
  • Sandra suggested that we invite a government member to come and explain the organization chart of ESRD.
  • Judy is going to invite two people she believes will be great for this workshop.
  • Harvey asked if interested people know where the boundaries are in the protected areas.
  • Gord said we will do an email fan out for the upcoming workshop.


June Flooding

  • Gord distributed the two handouts and discussed the information.
  • Sandra asked if we could send her these handouts with the minutes of meeting.
  • The biggest problem is access. The Alberta public road system is impacting SLS from accessing all operating areas
  • Tim suggested that we get the interview from CBC Eye Opener. It was very well done. ( University of Saskatchewan  – John Pomeroy)
  • Harvey said that SLS should have a look in the Jumping Pound area to see how the area we had logged in previously, has no flooding impact.
  • Gord said that we will be putting in a letter to the editor to respond to the pubic.
  • Judy said the handout is very useful, and suggested it be shorter and portions re-written for clarity.


Review outcomes from the June 11/13 Mixed Use Workshop

  • Gord distributed the handout.
  • Jason explained that SLS is working with the stakeholders on a collaborative planning pilot project.


Handout of final version of the Stewardship Report

  • Gord handed the information out.
  • Gord invited the PAC members to have a look at it. Anyone having feedback please get back to us.
  • Gord explained the areas that were updated to include PAC and stakeholder input.


Next Meeting

  • The later part of October or beginning of November, 2013. Time will be confirmed at a later date.



  •  7:00 p.m.