SLS Objectives:

  • To manage the Forest Management Agreement area for a sustainable timber supply
  • To manage the Forest Management Agreement area in a manner that protects the Environment, Biodiversity, Water, Wildlife and Public Values
  • To reclaim and reforest all harvested areas
  • To harvest 215,000m3 from the McLean Creek Compartment from 2014-2017
  • To continue to have meaningful communication with the public and stakeholders early in the planning process including collaborative planning

Public Feedback:

  • Concern about the potential negative aesthetic impacts as viewed from the Hwy and Trails regarding the cutblock near the McLean Creek Campground
  • Concern about wildlife pathways, corridors and connectivity
  • Prefer organic/natural cutblock boundary vs. boundaries with straight edges
  • Protection of single track dirt bike trail that follows Muskeg Creek. Try to include the trail in the creek buffer
  • Coordinate harvesting around intersection 714 with the Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders
  • Mitigate effects on trails
  • Concern about the aesthetics from Three point Creek and Hogs Back trail (non-motorized trails)

Spray Lake Sawmills Response:

  • SLS will try to minimize the view of the cutblock near Mclean Creek Campground from the Hwy and trails
  • SLS will use wildlife data from ESRD to minimize the disruption to wildlife corridors and pathways
  • SLS typically follows timber types and natural topography when designing cutblock boundaries. This usually results in a more natural cutblock boundary.
  • SLS will try to incorporate the single track trail that parallels Muskeg creek into the buffer on muskeg creek as much as possible
  • SLS will work closely with RMDR to protect the trails around intersection 714
  • SLS will be unable to avoid all trails. If a trail happens to be within a cutblock, SLS will work closely with the organizations who use the trail to make sure that it is returned to an acceptable standard
  • SLS will try to minimize the cutting adjacent to non-motorized trails
  • SLS will post a Map to the Blog showing:
    • Hillshade
    • Roads
    • Water
    • Previously harvested cutblocks symbolized by ag
    • Proposed harvest area
    • Trails