We have had several blog comments with respect to our log haul operations to the west of Bragg Creek.  Rather than responding individually to each comment I will consolidate my response to address the collection of comments as one.  Spray Lake Sawmills also posted a blog notice to address some of these same issues.  Please see the posting entitled “Log Haul west of Bragg Creek”.

Spray Lake Sawmills had committed to haul the logs out of the area by using a company built road to the north and then connecting to the Homestead Road.  The intent was to eliminate public concerns over safety by avoiding hauling out through the Hamlet of Bragg Creek.  Empty log trucks don’t typically have route restrictions the same way as loaded trucks.  They have the right to travel on a public road system in the same manner as any other private pick-up or car.  We felt that we would have a dual benefit to both the trail user groups and the company by having the trucks go through the Hamlet empty and then haul out loaded by the route I just mentioned.  The company would have improved operational logistics and at the same time the trail system would only be disrupted for about 2 ½ weeks instead of 5 weeks.  However once we were made aware of negative feedback from the community we immediately changed the log haul plans and routed both empty and loaded trucks to the north.  Our intent was honest and honourable.  No ill-will intended.

With respect to concerns over safety and speeding, Spray Lake Sawmills’ log haul fleet are equipped with GPS units.  This allows us to not only manage our log haul operations with peak efficiency but to monitor speed and other items related to safety.  Since receiving the comment on speeding we have checked the records and can validate that our trucks have not been speeding through Bragg Creek.  We have a fairly extensive log haul safety program.  If anyone would like further details on this program please let us know.