Safety First

At Spray Lake Sawmills, health & safety is priority above all else.

We have key people diligently involved in managing our health and safety programs which cover everything from the employees in our manufacturing operations and our contractors in the forest to the public at large.

Our Woodlands operations are the starting point for manufacturing some of the best forest products in Canada. All contractors involved in reforestation, harvesting, processing, building and reclaiming roads undergo extensive orientation and safety training before heading into the field.

One of the most visible parts of our woodlands is the log hauling program which operates across southwestern Alberta virtually year round. Maintaining safe interaction with the public on bush roads and main highways is a large focus of our log haul program and more details can be found in the woodlands safety section.

Certainly the processing of lumber at our Cochrane site is one of the most complex aspects of our operations, involving 185 production and maintenance staff, working round the clock. High technology manufacturing systems have eliminated many of the historical hazards associated with our industry and our safety program has evolved to keep pace with the changing systems on our site.

In 1988 Spray Lake Sawmills was one of the first to partner with the Alberta Workers Compensation Board and then Occupational Health and Safety in the Partners In Injury Reduction Program (PIR). Since that time the program has grown to include the much recognized Certificate of Recognition, which verifies that our operations have achieved a benchmark level of success in the key elements measured. More details on this can be found on the mill safety section.

Spray Lake Sawmills is proud of the daily efforts our team members make towards health and safety, a cornerstone of our operations.