On May 13, 2016 we met with local stakeholders to collaborate on operational plans for the Jumpingpound Creek Compartment.

In an effort to provide opportunities for meaningful participation early in the operational planning process we provide collaborative planning sessions for all of our operating areas.

The following topics were addressed:

• Identification of stakeholder values in the area ◦Specific values (campgrounds, trails, grazing, etc.)
• General values (water quality, wildlife, etc.)
• Spray Lake Sawmills harvesting objectives ◦Mountain Pine Beetle, forest management plan, wildfire mitigation, etc.
• Forest management tools used in harvest design
• Preliminary harvest area and road design
• Mitigation strategies to address stakeholder concerns
• Additional topics (harvest timing, access, etc.)

Participants were provided a copy of the draft meeting minutes for editing to ensure we accurately captured their concerns prior to posting the below results.

The results can be viewed by visiting the below link:
Collaborative Planning Comments & Response