Spray Lake Sawmills is initiating a planning process for the renewal of the company’s forest management plan.  This is a strategic level of plan and covers the southern east slopes from Sundre down to the bottom end of K-Country.

There are a number of government policies and regulations that must be followed and it must conform to higher order plans such as the South Saskatchewan Regional Land Use Plan.  At the same time, there is also room for the plan to be developed with recognition of local values and objectives.  The first step in the planning process will be for Spray Lake Sawmills to develop a listing of values and objectives which will be used as the foundation for the rest of the plans development.

If you are interested in providing some feedback on this important first step please check out the below ‘Background Scale and Scope’ document. The document outlines the planning process and a straw dog listing of values to help initiate some thought.  Just click on the “woodlands” tab and let us know what you think.


Background Scale and Scope